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The Vietnam War was not limited to Vietnam. A major part took place in Laos and Cambodia. This page is a tribute to the Khmer pilots and support people who were murdered when Phnom Penh fell.

WO Eng Hor

Warrant Officer Eng Hor

WO Eng "Englebert" Hor was my favorite student at the USMACTHAI/TLD operated flying school. Observers reported that all of the Khmer NCOs and officers who didn't get out when Phnom Penh fell were lined up beside the road and shot.

Khmer T-28 number 480

Khmer T-28 Training Flight

Instructors in Det. 1, 56th Special Operations Wing flew some combat missions before the bombing halt. This picture shows a flight of KAF T-28s on a gunnery training mission. TLD pilots did not fly combat in Cambodia.

Rocket for Yankee Seat

Yankee Seat Showing the Rocket

The T-28s assigned to the 4406th Combat Crew Training Squadron were bailed to the Khmer Air Force for training at Udorn RTAFB. They had Yankee seats which made it much easier if you needed to get out in a hurry.These airplanes had to stay at Udorn as the Khmer A.F. had not bought the yankee seat and couldn't maintain it.

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The Khmer in the United States have formed an organization. Please visit them at the following link.

UCAA-United Cambodian American Association

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