T-28 Class Photos

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The following photographs are owned by the Skyraider Association and are used with their permission. All photos on this page are thumbnail. Click on them to see a larger picture.

T-28(later AT-28) counter insurgency training for USAF pilots was conducted at Hurlburt Field, Florida. The base was also known as Eglin AFB Aux. No. 9. Pilots are identified by name, not class. If you know the class number or date, please contact me.

T-28 class at Hurlburt Field

Maj. Robertson, Maj. Tarleton, L/C Dougherty,
Capt. Gagen, Capt. Swigart, Capt. Baker

T-28 class at Hurlburt Field

Capt. Wanek,Capt. Crocker, Capt. Brown
Aug-Oct 1967

T-28 Class 2

Maj. Ames, Maj. Stroup, Maj. Tilburg

T-28 Class 3

Maj. Alfred, L/C Waddell, Maj. White, Maj. Donahue, Capt. Crawford

T-28 Class 4

Capt. Parrone, Maj. Brooks, Capt. Judd,
Capt. Bridges, Maj. Parker, Capt. Spey
Jan-March 1970

T-28 Class 5

Capt. Lyon, Capt. Gray, Capt. Pratt, Maj. Aycock, Maj. Chestnut

T-28 Class 6

Maj. Stokes, Maj. Nobles, Lt. Racji

T-28 Class 7

Maj. Lynn, Capt. McKeown, Capt. Knapp, Maj. Norton,
Capt. Hicks, Capt. Elby, Capt. Marchesseault
September-October 1972

T-28 Class 8

L/C Corey, Capt. Jones

T-28 Class 9

Capt. Munninghoff, Capt. Linne, Lt. Gunn, Capt. Oliver,
Capt. Ambrose, L/C Alderson
November-December 1972

T-28 class 10, June,July 1972

L/C Laurine, Capt. Boscia, Lt. Wahl, Lt. McElhoe,
Maj. Lundin, Maj. Mathis, Maj. O'Donavon

T-28 Class 11

Maj. Light, Capt. Allen, Capt. Whitley, Maj. Munsey,
Maj. Troxel, Capt. Burnett

T-28 Class 12

Maj. Przybylski, Maj. Franklin, Maj. Metz, Maj. Dove,

T-28 Class 13, Summer 1971

Capt. Gooch, L/C McCallister, Maj. Cox, Lt. Nagel,
Lt. Noren, Capt. Wyman

T-28 Class 14

Maj. Tucker, L/C Metfessel, Maj. Hechler

T-28 Class 15

Maj. Korzan, Maj. Jenkins

T-28 Class 16

Maj. Brower, Maj. Meeks, Capt. Currier, Capt. Castle

T-28 Class 17

Lt. Allen, Lt. Lentzkow, Capt. Rierson, Lt. Frey, Maj. Roach
October 1971

T-28 Class 18

Maj. Gawelko, L/C Ferguson, L/C Ihli, Capt. Grignot,
Capt. Doering, Capt. Galbreth

T-28 Class 19

Maj. Obert, L/C Kendrick, Maj. Trisco, Maj. Russell,
L/C Smith, Capt. Smith, Maj. Boyette

T-28 Class 20

Capt. Lutz, Maj. Fisher, Capt. Lowe, Capt. Selecman, Capt. DeLeon

T-28 Class 21

L/C Lewis, Capt. Reed, Capt. Jones, Capt. Weston

T-28 Class 22

I need an update on the names of this class!

T-28 Class 23

Maj. Brazelton, Maj. Walker

I am grateful to the Skyraider Association for their help. Please visit their page, which is linked on my home page. There are at least two classes missing in the above photos. I would appreciate any identification of pilots in the photos and pictures of missing classes.

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