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1964 "1st Air Commando Wing" Booklet


The 1964 Special Air Warfare Cnter put out a PR pamphhlet called "First Air Commando Wing" which had a front cover in color showing a B-26 dropping ordance. On the second to last page the magazine depicted the past commnaders starting with Col Philip G. Cochran and followed by Benjamin H. King. The following is the writeup for Col King:

"BENJAMIN H. KING--Colonel King, entered military service as an Aviation Cadet from Oklahoma City Feb. 28, 1942. He was commizsioned Nov. 10 at Foster Field, Tex. During the period between commissioning and August 1948, Colonel King held varied assignments as fighter pilot, group commander and operations officer. 

The Colonel was a World War II "Ace" and also flew in Korea. Col. Ben King was the father of the 4400th Combat Crew Training Squadron and the 1st Air Commando Group."


This makes BG Benjamin King the modern era father of the USAF Air Commandos and Special Operations.



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