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This short commentary of the 3rd Air Commando Group is a potent history of our activities during one year of extremely successful operation against the enemy. Although our organization consisted of three entirely different teams we have been able to operate as one. Each unit has been equally proud of the record established by other members in the Group as it has been of the record itself established.


Time and time again the Fighters out-flew, out-witted and out-performed other fighter groups in the Theatre. The Troop Carrier Squadron set such a record for safety transporting heavy loads that it is still discussed in transport circles with wonder and amazement. The Light Plane section has been such a heavy contributor to the saving of men's lives that commendations are still pouring in from grateful Infantry Generals throughout the entire South-West Pacific. Inside the Group, all of us have been quick to realize that such outstanding feats could not possibly have been accomplished without the superb assistance of the Airdrome Squadrons whose teamwork has been invaluable. Above all, the Medical Dispensary should be given special praise because, after all, they have been responsible for keeping the Group in business.


Naturally, a short synopsis cannot convey the friendship and the fellowship inside the group. We have all made friends, better still we have learned to live with one another and operate as a team. In the years to come all of us will be able to recall with pardonable pride the job we were instrumental in accomplishing. A job well done! Time and time again the experiences of the past year will come to our minds, sometimes with pleasure, sometimes with anxiety, sometimes with scorn; but always the finer memories will be in front.


This short year with the 3rd Air Commando Group has been an outstanding one in my life. Although I was unable to know all of our members personally, at least I've seen you around. I will remember this year as a wonderful one, and I hope you will be able to do the same.


Far East Air Force has been proud of us; Fifth Air Force has been proud of us; I am especially proud of us; and above all we can be proud of ourselves.


Walker Mahurin

Lt Col, Air Corps



Walker "Bud" Mahurin was an ace with 23.5 aircraft and at this period he was years old



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