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Air Commando Hat


(Tune: Cigarettes & Whiskey)


Gather around flyboys, I'll sing you a tune

Of life with the Air Force and four ancient goons

They shook and they shuddered, protesting each mile

But they crossed the Pacific from isle to isle


Departing one morning from old number nine

To Destin the Crestview for one final time

Off for Montana all day in the sky

Watching the US and A pass on by


Commander's decisions, last minute revisions

They'll drive you crazy, They'll drive you insane


Next morning at four we were up and around

Through headwinds and snowstorms the goons thundered on

Three stopped at Whitehorse, but Owens went by

Oh! Elmendorf radar oh where the hell am I


The next leg's to Adak, an island of stone

It seemed that good fortune had left us alone

We wondered why we flew this route straight to Hell

But Niles had picked it and he's Tac Eval


The V.C. and snake bites and bugs that bite all night

They'll drive you crazy, They'll drive you insane


The trip down to Midway was filled with remorse

The nav's all had trouble with the line they called course

Through UHF DF we all got the word

And came into Midway, that blundering herd


One day to Wake another to Guam

They seemed like short trips to our prop driven bomb

Then on to Bien Hoa in the final test

But Lewis decided it's time for a rest


The couriers and Recon on the banks of the Mekong

They'll drive you crazy, They'll drive you insane


We finally made Bien Hoa, but things here are sad

The commander is worried, morale is so bad

But he has a solution that will fix all that

A guaranteed genuine good morale hat


Each week we're inspected by Generals from Clark

They get here in daylight and leave before dark

But we've still got spirit, desire still burns

That someday we'll rotate and never return


The faucets they all fail, there's no pay and no mail

It drives you crazy, it drives you insane



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