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4400 CCTS/Jungle Jim 1961 EM(240)


SMsgt Charles Lokotos

MSgt Rolland W. Geisler

MSgt George D. McNamara

MSgt Charles I. Jones

TSgt Dan Fletcher Jr

TSgt Floyd M. Frazier

TSgt Leroy Z. Zoll

TSgt Jack E. Kelso

CMSgt Charlie H. Saunters

SMSgt William R. Atkins

TSgt Clarence L. Propst

SSgt Elzic B. Splawn

SSgt Jackie E. Watkins

A1C Billy J. Roberson

A1C Burton C. Berrettini

A1C Phillip C. Hinds

A1C Billy W. Teeters

A2C Curtis H. Jones

A2c Robert S. Pickron

TSgt Mack Swann

SSgt William T. Stroup

SSgt Eugene F. Crook

A2C James C. Cox

TSgt Frank Ramsey

A1C Merle J. Christy

A1C Harold A. Manning

A2C Robert L. Pace

A1C Robert D. Henderson

A2C Rodney J. Haynes

TSgt Charles A. Lichauer

SSgt Lamar Sims

SSgt Gregory J. Hogan

A1C Wayne D. Spencer


A1C Richard N. Norrell

SSgt James Z. Coates Jr

TSgt Robert L. Smith

SSgt Edward M. Bowling

A1C James R. Gillis

TSgt Dennis Premaux Jr

SSgt George Baker Jr

SSgt Earnest L. Ballard

SSgt Eric M. Cantwell

A1C Arnold C. Winkler

A1C Max W. Wilcox

A1C Howard D. Gardner

A1C Cullen M. Turner

A1C Allen R. Twigger

A1C Jack Reeves

1st Lt Joseph J. Conde Jr

A1C Richard L Fluery



A1C Robert G. Nelson

A2C Floyd A. Dunn

A2C Gordon S. Squires

SSgt Dan W. Wall

A1C Charles W. Ussery

A1C Willie L. Brown

TSgt Earnest C Haws

TSgt Ronald D. Holverstott

SSgt Obie J. Hill

A1C Billie J. Coinell

A1C Richard B. Beck

MSgt John R. Barrineau

SSgt Benjamin F. Barrow

SSgt John W. Gartner

SSgt Robert J. Curran Jr

SSgt Don P. Richens

SSgt Clifford H. LarimerSSgt Joseph S. Lewandowski

SSgt James R. Wagoner

SSgt Harold R. Mariner

SSgt James Gary

SSgt William T. Reeder

A1C Joe D. Griffin

A1C Erwin K. Bullard

A1C Robert L. Westfall

A1C Jean P. Nadeau

A1C Francisco M. Gregg

A1C Josephus Johnson Jr

A2C Robert J. Holowell Jr

A2C Peder M. Pedersen

A2C Richard F. Sassaman

A2C Jimmy M. Phillis

A2C James C. Gentry

A3C Dennis R. Macomber

A1C James D. Nichols

A1C John Balmer

A1C George G. Monfette

A1C Charles W. Avery

A2C William B. Gayheart

A2C Gerald K. Satterwhite

A1C Joe M. Hillhouse

A2C David S. Bell

A2C Albert O Del George

A2C Glen Ficking

TSgt James J. Meyers

TSgt Norman W. Ralch

TSgt Anthony J. Johnson

TSgt Chester S. Emelita

TSgt Gustav Eliason

SSgt Henry G. Bianchi Jr

SSgt Allen Ewing

SSgt Jeptha T. Coburn

SSgt Gordon D. Hylkand

A1C Herbert R. Lucas

A2C Milton Stuckmeyer



If your name isn’t listed and you were in Jungle Jim before November 1961 please an e-mail to me at aircommando1@earthlink.net and include your scanned orders and if you don’t have a scanner send me a copy of the orders. This is how all the other names were included in the list. I have orders for each person shown and to be added you will need a copy of your orders.


Eugene D. Rossel




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