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Jungle Jim's(Air Commando)

Det. 1 Mali Africa

SO T-107 dtd 9 August 1961


Capt Thomas C. McEwen Jr

Capt Eugene J. Waldvogel

1st Lt Ronald G. Phillips

1st Lt Donald J. Maxwell

1st Lt Lorenz J. Walker

1st Maurice S. Gaston

1st Lt Carmen T. Scarpino

TSgt Norman W. Ralch

TSgt Anthony J. Johnson

TSgt Chester S. Emelita

TSgt Gustav Eliason

SSgt Henry G. Bianchi Jr

SSgt Allen Ewing

SSgt Jeptha T. Coburn

SSgt Gordon D. Hylkand

A1C Herbert R. Lucas

A2C Milton Stuckmeyer


They were crewed as follows:


Waldvogel, P

Phillips, CP

Maxwell, N

TSgt Johnson, FE


Walker, P

Gaston, CP

Scarpino, N

TSgt Emelita, FE

Even, LM


If your name isn’t listed and you were in Jungle Jim before November 1961 please an e-mail to me at aircommando1@earthlink.net and include your scanned orders and if you don’t have a scanner send me a copy of the orders. This is how all the other names were included in the list. I have orders for each person shown and to be added you will need a copy of your orders.


Eugene D. Rossel



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